The basic materials for this research initially have been collected by Mrs. A. Hondius-Crone; her collection has been revised after subsequent investigations.

S : shieldstrip
C : pottery
F : fragment(s) only
R : sculpture
* : "red-figure pottery"
[...] : these numbers correspond with the numbers in the article on Athena in the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC).
(D) : click here for a DESCRIPTION of the representation

1. (D)  S01 Delphi, Archeological Museum
Bronze embossed shieldband

2. (D)  S02 [362] Olympia, Archeological Museum
Bronze embossed shieldband

3. (D)  S03 Olympia, Archeological Museum
Bronze embossed shieldband

4. (D)  S04 [361] Olympia, Archeological Museum
Bronze embossed shieldband

5. (D)  C01 [352] Munich, Museum antiker Kleinkunst
1382; Black-figure amphora from
Vulci (Group E)

6. (D)  C02 Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, 00.330;
Black-figure amphora from Vulci,
(Group E)

7.  (D)  C03 Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum 3596
(Group E)

8. (D)  C04 [368] Würzburg, University, Martin von Wagner Mus. L 250;
black-figure amphora from Vulci (Group E)

9. (D)  C05 Philadelphia, University Museum, MS 3441; black-figure amphora

10. (D)  C06 Berlin, Staatliche Museen, 1699;
black-figure amphora from Vulci
(Group E)

11. (D)  C07 [367] Philadelphia, University Museum, MS 3440;
black-figure amphora

12. (D)  C08 [349] London, British Museum, B 147;
black-figure amphora from Vulci (Group E)

13.  (D)  C09 Nostell Priory, Yorkshire;
black-figure amphora
(Group E)

14. (D)  C10 Tarquinia, Museo Civico, 626;
black-figure amphora

15. (D)  C11 Orvieto, Museo Civico, 299;
black-figure amphora from orvieto
(Group E)

16. (D)  C12 Naples, Museo Nazionale (number?);
black-figure amphora from Capua

17. (D)  C13 [365] Geneva, Musée d'Art et d'Histoire,
MF 154; black-figure amphora
Princeton Group
Reverse:(D)C13A [350] id.

18. (D)  C14 [351] Richmond, The Virginia Mus. of Fine
Arts, 60-23; black-figure amphora
(Group E)

19. (D)  C15 Paris, Musée du Louvre, F 32
Group E)

20. (D)  C16 Oldenburg, Stadtmuseum
black-figure amphora

21. (D)  C17 [355] Copenhagen, Nationalmuseum, VIII 375;
black-figure lekythos from Vulci

22. (D)  C18 Paris, Musée du Louvre, CA 616;
black-figure tripod kothon from Thebes
[Exaleiptron attique f.n. de Thèbe]

23. (D)  C19 [348] Paris, Musée du Louvre, E 861;
black-figure amphora

24.  (D)  C20 [346] Berlin, Staatliche Museen, F 1704;
black-figure amphora from Cerveteri

25. (D)  C21 [353] Bazel, Antikenmuseum;
black-figure amphora
Group E

26. (D)  C22 London, British Museum, B 244;
black-figure amphora from Vulci
Antimenes Painter)

27. (D)  C23 London, British Museum, B 218;
black-figure amphora from Vulci
Manner of the Antimenes Painter

28. (D)  C24 Rome, Palazzo dei Conservatori;
black-figure hydria from Cerveteri

29. (D)  C25 New London, Connecticut, Museum, 1935.4.172;
black-figure amphora

30. (D)  C26 [369] New York, Metropolitain Museum, 06.1097;
black-figure kylix
Painter of Louvre F28
Reverse: (D)C26A

31.  (D)  C27 [347] London, British Museum, B 424;
black-figure Little-Master cup from Vulci
(Phrynos Potter and Painter)

32. (D)  C28 Athens, Ceramikus Museum;
black-figure tripod pyxis

33.  (D)  C29 Orvieto, Duomo 333;
black-figure amphora

34.* (D)  C30 [356] London, British Museum, E 15;
red-figure kylix from Tarquinia
Poseidon Painter

35.* (D)  C31 [358] Londen, British Museum, E 410;
red-figure pelike from Vulci
Painter of the birth of Athena

36.* (D)  C32 [370] Vienna, Kunsthist. Mus. 728;
red-figure pelike

37.* (D)  C33 [357] Parijs, Cabinet des Médailles, 444:
red-figure amphora


38. (D)  F01 Berlin, 1709 (lost)

39. (D) and  (D)  F02 Bonn 2205, University, Akademisches Kunstmuseum 2205;
two sherds of a black-figure amphora
Group E

40. (D)  F03 [354] Cambridge Mass., Harvard University, Fogg Museum, 1960-326;
sherd of a black-figure amphora
Group E

41. (D)  F04 [366] Reggio (Calabria), Mus. Nazionale 4018;
sherd of a black-figure amphora from Locri(?)

42. (D)  F05 [343] Athens, Acropolis Museum, M 2578;
sherd of a Corinthian pinax

43. (D)  F06 Athens, Agora, fragment no F 26650;
black-figure sherd

44.* (D)  F07 Reggio (Calabria), 10554 & 10558,
red-figure sherds

45. (D)  F09 Several other b.f. and r.f. fragments

Other objects:

There have been four other objects, representing the birth of Athena, which are only known from literature:

-- R [364] in Sparta: (viz. Pausanias III.17.3)

-- a painted picture in Olympia: (viz. Strabo VIII.34.6)

-- R [363] in Athens: (viz. Pausanias I.24.2)

-- a painted representation: (viz. Philostratus Maior, Im. 227)

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