No S1
Delphi, Archaeological Museum
Bronze embossed shield band

Zeus is seated on a throne. He is represented in profile to
the left. The feet rest on a footstool. The forearms are
extended horizontally forward, the left hand with extended
fingers seen on the back, the right hand grasping a thunderbolt.
The god has a pointed beard, and wears his long waving
hair loose, with a narrow decorated headband. His dress consists
of a chiton and a himation, which covers his shoulders.

Athena was represented emerging from the head of Zeus.

There is one deity on each side of the picture. On the
right stands a goddess with forearms extended obliquely
upward, the palms turned outward and the fingers extended.
On the left stands Hephaistos, identified by the axe.

The throne has rectangular legs connected by crossed
stretchers, a curved back and an armrail, and is provided with
a cushion on the seat.

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