No S3
Olympia, Archaeological Museum
Bronze embossed shield band

Zeus is seated on a throne. He is represented in profile
to the right. His feet rest on a footstool. The right forearm
is extenied obliquely upward, the hand holding a staff. The
god has a pointed beard and long waving hair. His dress
possibly consists of a chiton and a himation.

Athena is represented emerging from the head of Zeus, head
in profile to the right, the body facing. She is visible down to
the waist. She wears a helmet, carries a shield on the left
arm, and holds a spear in her right hand.

There is one deity on each side of the picture. On the
right stands Hepaistos, identified by the axe. On the left
stands a goddess with the right forearm extended obliquely
upward, the hand with extended fingers seen on the back.

The throne has rectangular legs. A stretcher is joined to
the seat by some rails. The throne has a straight back and
an armrail, and is provided with a cushion.

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