No * C 33
Paris, Cabinet des Médailles 444
Red figure amphora

Zeus is seated on a throne. He is represented with head and legs in progfile to the right, the body diagonally. Seated, he is almost as tall as the surrounding standing figures. The right forearm is extended horizontally forward, the hand holding a phialos (?). The left forearm is extended obliquely upward, the hand holding a staff. The god has a pointed beard and short-cropped hair with a wreath. His dress consists of a chiton and a himation which covers the right forearm partly.

Athena is represented emerging from the head of Zeus in sprinting position, head, body and legs in proflie to the left (!). Her dress consists of a peplos (?). She has short-cropped hair with a headband. The left arm is extended horizontally forward, the hand with extended fingers seen on the back. She holds a spear in the right hand.

There are two deities at each side of the picture. At the right stands Hephaistos, characterised as such by the axe, and a goddess, the right hand put on her hip, the left hand put to the chin. At the left side stand a goddess, the forearms extended obliquely upward, the hands with palms turned outward and extended fingers, and a winged goddess, possibly Nike. The throne stands on a pedestal. It has rectangular legs, and is decorated with volutes and geometrical figures. It has no back.

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