No F 01
Berlin 1709 (lost)
[Vid Wieselen, de tridente, Gottinger Lectionskat 1873/Furtwangler - Vasen Berlin I 1885]

Zeus is seated on a throne. He is represented with [head?] and legs in profile to the right. [Seated he is almost as tall as the surrounding standing figures.?] The feet rest on a footstool. The right forearm is extended horizontally forward, with clenched hand. The left forearm is extended obliquely upward, the hand grasping a thunderbolt.

Athena possibly has been represented, emerging from the head of Zeus.

There have been seven other deities on the picture. At the right stand a goddess, one foot on the footstool of Zeus, a god (black feet) Ares, identified by the shield and the greaves, and a goddess. At the left stand a goddess, Apollo, identified by the bow, a goddess, and a god with a staff, possibly Poseidon.

The throne has rectangular legs ending in lion's paws, a low back with a swan's head decorative finial and is provided with a cushion.

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