No C 12
Naples, Museo Nazionale
Black-figure amphora from Capua

Zeus is seated on a chair. He is represented with legs in profile to the right, the body diagonally (?). Seated he is almost as tall as the surrounding standing figures. The feet rest on a footstool. The left arm (or both ?) is extended obliquely upward, the hand holding a staff surmounted by a swan's head. The god's dress consists of a chiton and a himation, which covers both arms.

Athena may have been represented emerging from the head of Zeus or not.

There are two deities on each side of the picture. On the right a goddess, the right arm raised (?), the left forearm extended horizontally forward, with palm turned downward and extended fingers, and Ares, characterised as such by helmet, shield, spear and greaves. On the left side a goddess, probably the reverse image of the one opposite, and Apollo, identified by the zither.

The chair has curved plain legs and a back ending in a swan's head; it is provided with a cushion on the seat.

An owl perches between the legs of the chair.

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