No F 04
Reggio (Calabria), Museo Nazionale 4018
Fragment of a black-figure amphora from Locri (?)

Zeus is seated on a folding stool. He is represented with head and legs in profile to the right, the body diagonally. Seated, he is almost as tall as the surrounding standing figures. The right forearm is extended almost horizontally, the hand grasping a thunderbolt. The left arm is extended almost horizontally, the hand holding a staff. The god wears his long hair loose. His dress consists of a chiton and a himation, which covers the left shoulder.

Athena is represented standing on the lap of Zeus, head and legs in profile to the right, the body facing. Her dress presumably consists of a peplos and the aigis. The aigis is bordered by a fringe of serpents. The goddess carries a shield on the left arm.

At the right side of the picture stand three deities: a goddess, the forearms extended almost horizontally forward, with palms turned to each other and extended fingers, a god identified as Hermes, by the endromides, and a god, dressed in chiton and himation, without any attribute, probably Poseidon. At the left side of the picture stands a god, identified as Hephaistos by the axe. Probably one or more other gods have been represented at this side of the picture.

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