No * C 30
London, British Museum E 15
Red-figure kylix from Tarquinia
Poseidon painter

Zeus is seated on a chair. He is represented in profile to the left. The right forearm is extended obliquely upward, the hand grasping a thunderbolt. The left forearm is extended horizontally forward, the hand holding a staff. The god has a pointed beard and wears his long hair loose, with a wreath. His dress consists of a chiton and a himation, which covers the arms completely.

Athena is represented emerging from the head of Zeus, head in profile to the left, the body facing. She is visible down to the waist. She wears a helmet, carries a shield on the right arm, and holds a spear in the left hand.

There are eight other deities in the picture. On the right a god with an axe in his left hand, presumably Hephaistos, and two dancing goddesses. On the left side stand two goddesses, their arms extended horizontally forward, with palms turned towards each other; probably they are Eileithuiai. Furthermore we see Ares, seated, identified by the helmet, a seated goddess and a standing goddess.

The chair has a curved back with a swan's head finial.

A pillar and meaningless inscriptions are seen in the field.

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