No C 24
Rome, Palazzo dei Conservatori
Black-figure hydria from Cerveteri

Zeus is seated on a throne. He is represented with head and legs in profile to the right, the body diagonally. Seated, he is almost as tall as the surrounding standing figures. The right forearm is extended almost horizontally forward, with clenched hand. The left forearm is extended obliquely upward, the hand holding a staff. The god has a pointed beard and wears his long hair loose. His dress consists of a chiton and a himation, which covers the left arm.

Athena is represented emerging from the head of Zeus. Details are not discernible any more.

There are two deities on each side of the picture. On the right a goddess, the arms extended obliquely upward, with palms turned to each other and extended fingers, and Hermes, identified by the petasos (?). On the left side a goddess, the right arm extended obliquely upward with the hand placed on Zeus' back, the left arm raised, the hand with extended fingers seen on the palm, and Hephaistos, identified by the axe.

The throne has rectangular legs ending in hooves, a stretcher connected to the seat by a column, and a back with a swan's head finial.

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